Lybia: Joint Communique – MilTech

Lybia: Joint CommuniqueMilTechThe League of Arab States (LAS), the African Union (AU), the European Union (EU) and the United Nations (UN) held a meeting at the headquarters of the League of Arab States on 18 March 2017 to discuss the situation in Li [Read story...]

People’s Hero Is The People – Charter 97

Charter 97People's Hero Is The PeopleCharter 97A generalized character, a protester in Belarus, Tunisia, Egypt, Lybia, Russia. If we had a tradition to nominate a person of the year, now, eight months before the end of the year, one can be said f [Read story...]

New Travel Ban, Same Problems – AL DIA News

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AL DIA NewsNew Travel Ban, Same ProblemsAL DIA NewsHundreds of protesters are expected to fill the major international airports across the country today to demonstrate against the travel ban, which bans the entry to citizens from six majority Muslim [Read story...]