Why it’s Siwi, not Tasiwit

In English- and French-language discussions of the languages of Egypt, the Berber language of Siwa Oasis in the Western Desert is more and more often called “Tasiwit”. Please, don't do this. [Read story...]

Egypt’s last Jews aim to keep alive heritage

Once a flourishing community, only a handful of Egyptian Jews, mostly elderly women, remain in the Arab world's most populous country, aiming at least to preserve their heritage. Egypt still has about a dozen synagogues, but like many of the coun [Read story...]

Film Review: ‘Tickling Giants’ – Variety

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VarietyFilm Review: 'Tickling Giants'VarietyBefore that, if I had seen a movie like “Tickling Giants,” an ebullient portrait of Bassem Youssef, the heart-surgeon-turned-comedian who became known as “the Jon Stewart of Egypt” (or, at l [Read story...]